Coast to Coast

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Monday 1st September

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Moored in Corpach basin, preparing to sail via the sea lock into Loch Linnhe and Loch Eil. Below you can see
Nick giving rope handling instructions at the bow.

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The sea lock offices at Corpach.

After a traditional breakfast of Porridge and toast we cast off. When we left the lock, we sailed straight through the narrows into
Loch Eil. The tide was just about to turn and if we tried later we wouldn't have made much headway against a 6 knot ebb tide.

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Having passed through the narrows, Lyle has just stoked us up!

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Looking back to the Loch Eil narrows and Ben Nevis. By the time we reached the end of the loch the weather had turned
and the rain had started. On the way back we hove to to meet the steam train "Lord of the Isles" on it's way from Fort
Willaim to Mallaig - with a friendly repast on the steam whistles.

As we passed through the narrows, with the tide behind us, we just about hit 10 knots. We needed to be back at Corpach
sea lock before 11:50 to get in whilst the gates still floated, so headed into Loch Linnhe and with myself on the wheel, turned
about off Fort William. Nick took over as we approached the lock and brought us in. We passed through to the first of the
canal locks where we had our buffet lunch, then onwards to Neptunes Staircase.

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On passage to Neptunes Staircase.

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As we ascended Neptunes Staircase, the weather improved considerably. Leanne seems happy enough on the bow line duty!
Nick keeps a watchful eye on procedings....

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The view back down Neptunes Staircase

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Lyall takes a breather - but who's that with the camera behind?

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Nick in pensive mood - will the coal arrive or will we be burning the fittings?

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The "VIC 32" always attracts the cameras!

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Yours truly walking the "VIC 32" up Neptunes Staircase.

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When we reached the top of the flight of locks, we moored up awaiting delivery of 20 tonnes
of coal, half of which we needed to load into the bunkers - by wheel barrow!

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Bev checks out the SWL of the barrows...

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..while Sue cleans the Heritage Lottery fund sign. At last, lottery money being well spent!


The delivery of coal arrived just after 4pm and we all spent the next hour or so loading about 9 tonnes into the bunkers.
Another fine meal followed then early to bed for the next day.