Coast to Coast

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Tuesday 2nd September

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Early morning at Banavie, fine with some showers around but quite still with some low lying mist.

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After the hearty porridge breakfast, we turned off the berth and headed up the Caledonian Canal towards Loch Lochy,
leaving a trail of smoke behind us.

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Having passed through Gairlochy lock, we now approach the entrance to Loch Lochy.

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Having done ropes, ash removal and helmsman, time to do a bit of stoking under the careful watch of Lyall.
I did do more than one lump though!

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Life on deck - clockwise Denys, Mark, Roz, Leanne, Judy and Dennis.

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Hardwork all that stoking.......

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Bev, Patrick, Denys and Sue - obligatory group photo as we wait for Laggan locks to be ready.

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Clearing Laggan lock, didn't even have time for drink on the converted Dutch barge pub!

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Taking in the view as we head towards Loch Oich.

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The main A82 road crossing the canal at Laggan Bridge - Loch Oich ahead.
We sailed into Loch Oich and anchored in the bay near to Invergarry Castle. Nick had
arranged a walk to the castle and to search for mushrooms (one of his big passions apart
from the VIC 32). So the boat was launched and off several of the 'crew' went.

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Nick relaxes, Roz and Judy provide motive power and Todd and Mark supervise!

I had enquired about having a photo session so Lyall kindly did the rowing..

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Man at work - these ship photographers never give up on the search for a perfect photo!
And yes, we do seem to be down by the head!!

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Another former Dutch barge, the "Scottish Highlander" passes us in Loch Oich.

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When the shore party returned, the boat was rigged with it's sail and Mark and Bev went off with Lyall.
Unfortunately very soon the light breeze just died away..

After the evening meal we ventured on deck. It was a lovely clear night and with no light pollution and still
water around us it seemed like we were floating in the air. So the night was spent spinning on our anchor.