Coast to Coast

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Wednesday 3rd September

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Another early start and some very atmospheric views around Loch Oich.

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Invergarry Castle in the early mists and the still morning sunshine.

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One of the 'tasks' for the week was to collect wood for the fire in the saloon - Mark and Dennis cut it down to size.

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I took to the wheelhouse again and spent some time up there, eventually bringing us into the locks at Fort Augustus, a very
picturesque (or touristy as Lyall called it) flight of locks. Even though it was close to lunch, Bev dived off to the chip shop
for us to tuck in. Mary and Daphne went off to the butchers for the Haggis...

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Sailing from the lock into Loch Ness - Nick played the Skye boat song on the steam whistles to the appreciative tourist crowds.

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Figures of eight Lyall!! Mooring at the entrance to Loch Ness to take on water.

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The view into Loch Ness.

Another steady 6 knot trip up Loch Ness, eventually mooring alongside at Foyers. Nick's
entertainment this afternoon was a walk up to the Falls of Foyers.
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Views on the way to the falls.

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The Falls of Foyers - a little abated as water was being drawn off to power the turbines.

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Bev and Sue at the Falls of Foyers monument.