Coast to Coast

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Friday 5th September

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A cool grey morning as we set off down the marina to head for the sea-lock at Clachnaharry.

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Marker stone at the entrance lock at Clachnaharry.

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The outer gates open and we enter seawater on the East coast.

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Bev and Sue wrapped up warm as Lyall stokes us up again.

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Approaching Kessock road bridge. After this point Bev and myself spent some time helping Lyall
clear the ashes from the boiler.

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The weather brightened up as we approached Fort George and Chanonry Point, all of us
hoping to be the first to spot dolphins. We were on a tight schedule to be back at the sea lock
in time for the railway bridge opening and we turned back without sighting any dolphins.
A short while later near Avoch, we spotted a dolphin and it's calf. The "VIC 32" was quickly spun round
and they came and swam with us for a short while before we had to head back to Inverness.

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I once again had the helm and sailed us to off the sealock, where Nick duly took over to get us in.
All too soon we were alongside and disembarking to to coach back to Corpach, even Mary and Daphne
came with us, leaving Nick and Lyall to await the next passengers.


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The journey back took only a few hours and left us with a sunny view of Ben Nevis.

I'd just like to say a big thank you to the crew of the "VIC 32"

Nick - for beating us in to some sort of shape - I think we got the ropes right in the end.

Lyall - for putting up with us forever asking questions (MCA report due soon!!)

Mary and Daphne - for providing breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea and 3 course evening meal
each day and putting up with some fussy eaters!

Also thanks to Denys, Sue, Dennis & Roz, Mark & Leanne, Tom, Todd and Judy for making
the holiday special.

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