Coast to Coast

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Leanne's extra photos

Having returned to New Zealand, Leanne sent us her photo's, some of these are shown here to fill in the blanks.

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Banavie swing bridges and Neptunes Staircase.

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Mary and Daphne hard at work in the galley.

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Leanne and Mark man the bow lines at Neptunes Staircase.

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Mary, Nick and Daphne take a break while we wait for the coal.

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Twenty tonnes of coal, four small wheelbarrows and all hands to the task.
The trick was to charge at the ramp and throw the coal in the general direction of the bunker hole.

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Nick at the helm with Tom.

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The steam organ whistles on the "VIC 32".

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Myself and Bev standing by with the heaving lines for the deep lock at Gairlochy.

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Daphne and Mary having lunch at Laggan lock. Nick was off searching for mushrooms...

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Dennis, Denys and Mark hard at work sawing wood for the stove.

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The RNLI Severn class lifeboat "Osier" passes out of Kytra lock.

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Leanne at the top of the Falls of Foyers.

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At Fort Augustus Mark & Leanne purchsed some black pudding - then persuaded Lyall to cook it for breakfast
the next day - on the shovel in the boiler!

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Aldourie Castle seen from the end of Loch Ness.

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Sue, Denys, Roz, Todd, Lyall and Dennis relax on deck.

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Addressing the haggis - "An' cut ye up wi' ready slight, Trenching your gushing entrails bright" - Judy doesn't seem too impressed!

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Cawdor Castle - the trip I missed to visit the pub.

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Culloden viaduct.

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Chanonry Point.