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A selection of views from onboard during the week.

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boiler plate.jpg (121571 bytes)

Original boiler plate.

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whouse external.jpg (108169 bytes)

whouse funnel.jpg (102333 bytes)


lower deck fwd.jpg (199786 bytes)

Lower deck looking forward.

lower deck aft.jpg (184682 bytes)

Lower deck looking aft.

upper deck 1.jpg (121971 bytes)

Saloon looking aft

upper deck 2.jpg (149158 bytes)

Saloon looking forward.

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upper deck 4.jpg (169127 bytes)

Aft end of saloon and captains cabin/

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SN851740.JPG (141410 bytes)


whouse view port.jpg (125578 bytes)

View from port bridge window.

whouse view stbd.jpg (125348 bytes)

View from starboard bridge window.

engine room 1.jpg (245154 bytes)

Engine room from starboard doorway.

P1030160.JPG (123340 bytes)

Engine room from port doorway.

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SN851752.JPG (132965 bytes)

Ships Parrot!!

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