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Photographed entering the River Hull, on the 22nd April 1986.

Built in 1955 by J. J. Sietas K.G. Schiffsw. G.m.b.H & Co. at Hamburg as
"Klaus Block", she subsequently was renamed "Suderelv" (64), "Tilla Doris" (69),
"Doloris"(78), "Leticia" (80) and "Terence" (82).

Owners Pelham Dale & Partners, Ltd.
430 GRT, Guernsey registered.

She is still shown in Lloyds Register 98/99 as "St. Jacques".

The building in the background was the port authorities bouy sheds on Sammy's Point. This has
now been demolished to make way for "The Deep", a marine research and exhibition centre,
construction of which is soon to commence.