Michael Drewery collection

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I started my ship spotting and photography as a hobby when I left school in 1981. During the next year I met Michael
on the riverfront at Hull and we soon became good friends. We would spend many hours on the river, around the docks
and eventually further afield in our quest to photograph ships. Michael gave me lots of advice to make my photos better
and we spent a lot of time viewing each others work. When I created a computer database to record my photos Michael
liked it and so I created one for him also. We were also invited to create a record of the freight vessels used by North Sea
Ferries over the years and spent many months researching this and it was published in the book on North Sea Ferries.

Michael was a very good photographer but very camera shy - the photo above was taken when he was 21.

Unfortunately our ability to visit the ports was curtailed in 2003 when new security measures meant enthusiasts were no
longer allowed onto the port estates but we still had the occasional trip out to the riverfront.

Sadly Michael's health started to deteriorate a few years ago and he was unable to make as many trips out.

Michael passed away early on 12th December 2010.

I asked the family if I could make arrangements for Michael's collection of photos, negatives and slides to be
passed on to the World Ship Society for future use. I also asked if I could scan some of his printed photos to create
an online page of his works and on these pages are those scans. This is just a sample of his works over the years, not
all of the photos he had taken had been printed but hopefully there is a good cross section of his works. Michael was
very aware of copyright, and so all these images will have his name on them at the families request. I have worked on
the scans and hope that I have done the photos the justice they deserve.

I will start with a collection of photos taken from one of Michael's favourite locations,
the Humber Bridge. This was the one spot on the Humber we could rival Sky-Photos
and get aerial views of ships - albeit mostly coasters. We were also fortunate in the
1980's, as due to the miners dispute we had some very good tides with many ships,
on one occassion we had 19 vessels recorded on the tide.

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