Michael Drewery collection

Humber Bridge - A to F


albatros.jpg (242475 bytes)

The Maltese flagged Galliot "Albatros" 127/1899 inward bound on 29/03/89.
Now she is moored at Wells-next-the-Sea as a restaurant and B&B.


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The Sietas built "Anund" 999/1975 outward bound on the PAL line service from Goole.
Ships built by Sietas were some of our favourite vessels and it was an ongoing competition
between us to get new Sietas ships in our collection.


apricity.jpg (252179 bytes)

Everards "Apricity" 692/1967 inward on 09/09/81.


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The German flagged "Arosandra" 499/1965 inward bound.


audrey.jpg (253451 bytes)

The 1945 built sailing barge "Audrey" passing outward 10/05/89.


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One of the largest vessels to pass under the Humber Bridge on a regular basis, the coastal vehicle
carrier "Autoroute" 2462/1979 seen outward on 03/07/86.


autostrada.jpg (235087 bytes)

The 1972 built vehicle carrier "Autostrada" seen inward for Goole 07/08/1983.

Sold in 1996 with "Autoweg" (q.v.) to Greek buyers then resold to Kalkavanlar A.S. who in turn sold her to
Sok A.S. & Resa Yazici for scrap in Turkey and arrived at Aliaga, 13/8/96. Demolition began 21/8/96.
It was said that they went for scrap to stop rivals using them.


bettyjean.jpg (236701 bytes)

The Hull built "Betty-Jean" passes inward on 02/07/1986.

Sold and renamed "Hoomoss"in 1999, then "Lider Kartal"in 2005.


breydonventure.jpg (250659 bytes)

An earlier vessel from Yorkshire Dry Dock Co., the "Breydon Venture" was originally the "Wis" until 1986.
Seen here inward bound on 29/10/86.

Sold, renamed "Rix Hawk"  and converted to a bunkering tanker in 1999.


bulksky.jpg (228799 bytes)

The Polish built "Bulk Sky" was one of several sisters that frequently visited the Humber, seen here
21/03/1986 inward bound.


castella.jpg (255229 bytes)

The Greek coaster "Castella" outward bound 26/07/1989.


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The Bristol built coaster "Colston" seen outward bound 07/04/1983 dates from 1955.


disarfell.jpg (312633 bytes)

The Sietas built "Disarfell" seen outward from Goole 29/05/1984.

Sold and renamed "Polarwind" in 1993, "Ararwak Chief" in 1996, "Polar" in 1999,  "Gazal Star" in 2001 and "Adria Blu" in 2005.


elli.jpg (263518 bytes)

Outward bound on 14/03/1990, the Kingstown registered "Elli" was built in 1970 by N.V. Scheepswerven Gebr. van Diepen at Waterhuizen.


esteland.jpg (240179 bytes)

The 1958 Sietas built "Esteland" outward bound on 15/06/1982.

Sold and renamed "Katerina" in 1985 then "Vatoula" in 1988. As latter she was lost when she left Mytilene 08/04/94 bound for Aegina
and after reporting later that day from a position north of Chios Island, disappeared with her crew of seven.


evgeniynikonov.jpg (258301 bytes)

The Russian timber carrier "Evgeniy Nikonov" seen inward bound 16/06/1986. Several of this class
were regular callers to the Humber ports.

Sold and renamed "Sea Glory I" in 1996.


faience.jpg (256213 bytes)

Crescent Shippings "Faience" inward bound 09/09/1981, possibly for Gainsborough or Beckingham on the Trent
as her mainmast is already lowered for Keadby bridge.

Sold and renamed "Island Traveller" in 1986.