Michael Drewery collection

Humber Bridge - G to N


gladonia.jpg (262423 bytes)

Wharton's "Gladonia" outward bound 07/07/1984. Built at Goole in 1963.


goodwood.jpg (233106 bytes)

The vehicle carrier "Goodwood" outward from Goole 08/08/1989.
Finally sold for scrap to Turkish shipbreakers, Kalkavanlar Gemi Sokum A.S. and arrived at Aliaga, 28/5/03.
Known to have been beached on or prior to 4/6/03.


haweswater.jpg (246222 bytes)

ESL's "Haweswater" inward to Goole 13/07/1989. Built in 1968 as "Percy Dawson" she was renamed in 1988.


hedlo.jpg (277754 bytes)

Paal Wilson's "Hedlo" seen outward bound was a regular on the Humber in the 1980's.
Lost on passage Rotterdam/Bergen with a 1,000 tons of steel coils when she grounded 25/12/99 near Haugesund, Norway, in a position, 59.21N, 5.01E.
Crew of 7 taken off. Reported hard aground & seriously damaged & salvage very difficult.


hootern.jpg (235068 bytes)

Lapthorn's "Hoo Tern" seen outward on 28/05/1986. Built by Yorkshire Dry dock in 1985.


humberguardian.jpg (231991 bytes)

One of Michael's favourite ships, the "Humber Guardian" outward from an upriver buoy move 05/09/1988.
Sold, converted to a cruise ship and renamed "Tropic Sun" in 1994. Extant thus LR 1998/9 but deleted by LR 2004/5.


inci5.jpg (240418 bytes)

The Turkish vessel "Inci 5" seen 01/05/1990.
Outbound from Goole having just become the largest vessel ever to berth there & thus the largest vessel to pass under the Humber Bridge.
Sold & renamed "Kaptan Ilyas Kalkavan" later that year, 1990. Extant thus LR 2004/5 but deleted by LR 2006/7.


islandswallow.jpg (252966 bytes)

The Hull built "Island Swallow" outward on 12/07/1989.
Gutted by engine room fire at Queenborough 29/3/90, declared CTL.


kapitanmstankiewicz.jpg (253192 bytes)

Polish Shipping Association's "Kapitan M Stankiewicz" inward on.07/08/1983.
Soon sold, r/n "Simona" and in 1984 "Hrysso". As latter arrived Zeebrugge 24/6/85 and laid up,
to scrap by Brugse Scheepssloperij N.V., work began Bruges 1/12/1985.


karin.jpg (227174 bytes)

The Sietas built "Karin" outward on 24/04/1985.She was built in 1958 and kept this name until 1989.


konstantinkorshunovdaron.jpg (242076 bytes)

Two for one! The Russian "Konstantin Korshunov" and Dutch "Daron" outward together on 29/05/1985.


mirabella.jpg (261712 bytes)

The heavy load carrier "Mirabella" outward on 25/09/1987. One of the largest vessels to pass under the Humber bridge.


monsunen.jpg (225371 bytes)

The smart Danish coaster "Monsunen" seen inward on 06/12/1985, was built in 1965.


newgeneration.jpg (204065 bytes)

Seen inward to Goole on 30/04/1990, the heavy load carrier "New Generation" was built at Aberdeen in 1966
as "Kingsnorth Fisher" and had only recently been renamed. Sold and renamed "New Gen" in 2001.
Quickly sold for scrap thus to Indian shipbreakers, Diamond Industries and was delivered at Alang, 19/12/01.


nialed.jpg (214349 bytes)

The "Nialed", seen  here inward on 09/09/1981, was built in 1960 as the "Saint Modan".
Sold and renamed "Monique" in 1982, "Nadir" in 1984 and "Sicom" in 1986. Deleted from LR in 1996.