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Humber Bridge - O to Z


okapiII.jpg (232132 bytes)

The Antiguan flagged "Okapi II" inward bound on 27/07/1989. Built in 1965 as "Edelgard", renamed
in 1989. Sold and renamed "Ayham" in 1993 (Arrived at Rotterdam, 9/3/93 for conversion to a livestock carrier).
Further renamed "Nour Alrahman" in 2002 then "Al Rashideiah" in 2004.
Soon resold for scrap to Indian shipbreakers and arrived at Alang, 27/9/04,

paletten.jpg (284274 bytes)

The small pallet carrier "Paletten" seen inward on 09/09/1981.

phoenicianflag.jpg (264648 bytes)

The Greek cement carrier "Phoenician Flag" seen inward on 11/07/1989. Built in 1853, shw was sold and renamed "Cem II" in 1992
and finally sold for scrap thus to Turkish shipbreakers, Gursoy Gemi Sokum A.S., beaching at Aliaga, 12/5/99. Work began 26/5/99.

pingo.jpg (277872 bytes)

Outward from Goole on 04/05/1983, the "Pingo" served on the Goole-Finland line service.

pollypioneer.jpg (214726 bytes)

The "Polly Pioneer" inward for Goole on 09/08/1989.

resilience.jpg (254489 bytes)

Crescent Shipping's starch tanker "Resilience" inward bound presumably for Howdendyke on 28/10/1982.

robertm.jpg (229108 bytes)

A rare upriver visit for Coe Metcalf's "Robert M", inward bound on 23/04/1991.

seaelbe.jpg (276165 bytes)

Seacon vessels were regular on the Humber in the 1980's. "Sea Elbe" is seen here inward on 09/09/1981.

sorocco.jpg (190106 bytes)

The 1962 built "Sorocco" seen outward bound on 20/03/1991.

spesi.jpg (237156 bytes)

With a distinctive style, "Spes-I" is seen here outward bound on 29/11/1983.

therese.jpg (251791 bytes)

Helmsing & Grimm's smart coaster "Therese" seen here outward bound on 27/06/1986.

unionneptune.jpg (250038 bytes)

"Union Neptune" seen inward on 16/03/1989.

vincent.jpg (276523 bytes)

The "Vincent " of Beck's seen outward bound on 04/05/1983.