Rotterdam 17/03/11

After our December trip we wanted to go back to Rotterdam again.
Bev arranged a surprise birthday trip for us. We hoped for better weather,
well it was warmer (just) but still a grey day.

faustina.jpg (113943 bytes)

The large bulk carrier "Faustina" berthed at the EECV terminal, very poor light conditions.

renaten.jpg (126625 bytes)

Also the "Renate N" berthed at the EECV.

johannadesiree.jpg (241380 bytes)

Tucked into the grain loading berth at Beneluxhaven, the coaster "Johanna Desiree".

carry.jpg (214600 bytes)

The tanker "Carry" waiting orders at Beneluxhaven.

energychampion.jpg (213672 bytes)

Preparing to sail after we docked, the large tanker "Energy Champion" berthed in Beneluxhaven.

energychampion2.jpg (187089 bytes)

arkforwarder.jpg (162736 bytes)

The "Ark Forwarder" on the Stena berth in Beneluxhaven.

amazone.jpg (273543 bytes)

Berthed near the Veerhaven the Dutch sailing vessel "Amazone".

parkkadeview1.jpg (188832 bytes)

A busy scene on the Parkkade.

neptun9s.jpg (297698 bytes)

Dutch tug "Neptun 9" outboard of "Novatrans" at Parkkade.

neptun9b.jpg (307273 bytes)


merkur.jpg (255818 bytes)

Sietas built "Merkur" outboard of "Abis Bergen" on the Parkkade.

merkur3.jpg (267275 bytes)

sandettie.jpg (249398 bytes)

"Sandettie" berthed at the Parkkade.

vosrambler.jpg (274225 bytes)

The Liberian standby safety vessel "VOS Rambler" moored on the Lloydkade at Rotterdam.

vosrambler2.jpg (246786 bytes)


swiberelsemarie3.jpg (229143 bytes)

Still at Rotterdam, the AHTS "Swiber Else-Marie on the Lloydkade.

swiberelsemarie4.jpg (243067 bytes)


smaragd.jpg (263877 bytes)

Also on the Lloydkade, the Dutch coaster "Smaragd".

smaragd2.jpg (210118 bytes)


mercuur2.jpg (205952 bytes)

Now berthed in Schiehaven, the Dutch "Mercuur".

icerunner.jpg (155391 bytes)

A long distance view of "Ice Runner".

thamesbank.jpg (193771 bytes)

Smit's "Thamesbank" at the tug station at Wilhelminahaven.

omskiy137b.jpg (156786 bytes)

The Russian coaster "Omskiy-137" passing inward bound.

omskiy137s.jpg (198878 bytes)

fairmounts.jpg (175052 bytes)

"Fairmount Sherpa" and "Fairmount Summit" berthed in Wilhelminahaven.

jumbospirit.jpg (158961 bytes)

The heavy lift vessel "Jumbo Spirit" at Damen's yard in the Eemhaven loading two small tugs for the Black sea.

opdrlisboa.jpg (195330 bytes)

Outward in the Eemhaven is the "OPDR Lisboa".

opdrlisboa2.jpg (161060 bytes)


liverpoolexpress.jpg (199300 bytes)

Berthed in the Eemhaven, the large containership "Liverpool Express"...

liverpoolexpress2.jpg (191108 bytes)

boxvoyager.jpg (194858 bytes)

...the smaller "Box Voyager"...

riodejaneiro.jpg (174293 bytes)

...and the larger "Rio de Janeiro".

riodejaneiro2.jpg (180618 bytes)


elbtrader2.jpg (173131 bytes)

In the mist at Eemhaven is the "Elbtrader", seen here last in December.

tongan.jpg (166263 bytes)

Another feeder vessel berthed in Eemhaven, the "Tongan".

wilsonruhr.jpg (186141 bytes)

Passing outward down the Niuewe Maas is the "Wilson Ruhr".

wilsonruhr2.jpg (176526 bytes)


maerskkarlskrona.jpg (129253 bytes)

Berthed in the Waalhaven, the large containership "Maersk Karlskrona".

rotterdam6.jpg (132676 bytes)

A slightly better angled bow view of the "Rotterdam".

dollard.jpg (263013 bytes)

Berthed in one of the harbours at Rotterdam, the 1939 built tug "Dollard".

dollard2.jpg (330451 bytes)