18/05/2019 – Paull

A very early start with poor weather.

BALTIC WINTER passes out from King George dock having delivered wind turbine components.

Inward for King George dock, the FRISIAN OCEAN.

Next movement was the DEE FISHER sailing from Saltend.

Next inward was the NABUCCO for Saltend.

At the same time, the ORALORA passes outward from King George dock.

Returning to Paull for the afternoon tide.

ODIN passes out from King George dock.

MAESTRO was next, passing inward for upriver.

PRIMA LADY was the next inward for Goole.

Also inward for Goole, the BIMI.

Outward from King George dock, the Cypriot coaster ALSTERTAL.

Having waited all afternoon, the ARA ATLANTIS finally passes outward bound, with very poor lighting and rain.

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