Michael Drewery Collection


I started my ship spotting and photography as a hobby when I left school in 1981. During the next year I met Michael on the riverfront at Hull and we soon became good friends. We would spend many hours on the river, around the docks and eventually further afield in our quest to photograph ships. Michael gave me lots of advice to make my photos better and we spent a lot of time viewing each others work. When I created a computer database to record my photos Michael liked it and so I created one for him also. We were also invited to create a record of the freight vessels used by North Sea Ferries over the years and spent many months researching this and it was published in the book on North Sea Ferries. Michael was a very good photographer but very camera shy – the photo above was taken when he was 21.

Unfortunately our ability to visit the ports was curtailed in 2003 when new security measures meant enthusiasts were no longer allowed onto the port estates but we still had the occasional trip out to the riverfront.

Sadly Michael’s health started to deteriorate and he was unable to make as many trips out.

Michael passed away early on 12th December 2010.

I asked the family if I could scan some of his printed photos to create an online page of his works and on
these pages are those scans. This is just a sample of his works over the years, not all of the photos he had taken had been printed but hopefully there is a good cross section of his works. Michael was very aware of copyright, and so all these images will have his name on them at the families request.
I have worked on the scans and hope that I have done the photos the justice they deserve.

One of Michael’s favourite locations was the Humber Bridge. This was the one spot on the Humber we could rival Sky-Photos and get aerial views of ships – albeit mostly coasters. We were also fortunate in the 1980’s, as due to the miners dispute we had some very good tides with many ships, on one occasion we had 19 vessels recorded on the tide.

The Maltese flagged Galliot “Albatros” 127/1899 inward bound on 29/03/89.
Now she is moored at Wells-next-the-Sea as a restaurant and B&B.

The Sietas built “Anund” 999/1975 outward bound on the PAL line service from Goole.
Ships built by Sietas were some of our favourite vessels and it was an ongoing competition
between us to get new Sietas ships in our collection.

Everards “Apricity” 692/1967 inward on 09/09/81.

The German flagged “Arosandra” 499/1965 inward bound.

The 1945 built sailing barge “Audrey” passing outward 10/05/89.

One of the largest vessels to pass under the Humber Bridge on a regular basis, the coastal vehicle
carrier “Autoroute” 2462/1979 seen outward on 03/07/86.

The 1972 built vehicle carrier “Autostrada” seen inward for Goole 07/08/1983.

Sold in 1996 with “Autoweg” (q.v.) to Greek buyers then resold to Kalkavanlar A.S. who in turn sold her to Sok A.S. & Resa Yazici for scrap in Turkey and arrived at Aliaga, 13/8/96. Demolition began 21/8/96.
It was said that they went for scrap to stop rivals using them.

The Hull built “Betty-Jean” passes inward on 02/07/1986.
Sold and renamed “Hoomoss”in 1999, then “Lider Kartal”in 2005.

An earlier vessel from Yorkshire Dry Dock Co., the “Breydon Venture” was originally the “Wis” until 1986.
Seen here inward bound on 29/10/86. Sold, renamed “Rix Hawk”  and converted to a bunkering tanker in 1999.

The Polish built “Bulk Sky” was one of several sisters that frequently visited the Humber, seen here
21/03/1986 inward bound.

The Greek coaster “Castella” outward bound 26/07/1989.

The Bristol built coaster “Colston” seen outward bound 07/04/1983 dates from 1955.

The Sietas built “Disarfell” seen outward from Goole 29/05/1984.
Sold and renamed “Polarwind” in 1993, “Ararwak Chief” in 1996, “Polar” in 1999,  “Gazal Star” in 2001 and “Adria Blu” in 2005.

Outward bound on 14/03/1990, the Kingstown registered “Elli” was built in 1970 by N.V. Scheepswerven Gebr. van Diepen at Waterhuizen.

The 1958 Sietas built “Esteland” outward bound on 15/06/1982.

Sold and renamed “Katerina” in 1985 then “Vatoula” in 1988. As latter she was lost when she left Mytilene 08/04/94 bound for Aegina and after reporting later that day from a position north of Chios Island, disappeared with her crew of seven.

The Russian timber carrier “Evgeniy Nikonov” seen inward bound 16/06/1986. Several of this class
were regular callers to the Humber ports.
Sold and renamed “Sea Glory I” in 1996.

Crescent Shippings “Faience” inward bound 09/09/1981, possibly for Gainsborough or Beckingham on the Trent as her mainmast is already lowered for Keadby bridge.

Sold and renamed “Island Traveller” in 1986.

Wharton’s “Gladonia” outward bound 07/07/1984. Built at Goole in 1963.

The vehicle carrier “Goodwood” outward from Goole 08/08/1989.
Finally sold for scrap to Turkish shipbreakers, Kalkavanlar Gemi Sokum A.S. and arrived at Aliaga, 28/5/03.
Known to have been beached on or prior to 4/6/03.

ESL’s “Haweswater” inward to Goole 13/07/1989. Built in 1968 as “Percy Dawson” she was renamed in 1988.

Paal Wilson’s “Hedlo”, seen outward bound, was a regular on the Humber in the 1980’s.
Lost on passage Rotterdam/Bergen with a 1,000 tons of steel coils when she grounded 25/12/99 near Haugesund, Norway, in a position, 59.21N, 5.01E. Crew of 7 taken off. Reported hard aground & seriously damaged & salvage very difficult.

Lapthorn’s “Hoo Tern” seen outward on 28/05/1986. Built by Yorkshire Dry dock in 1985.

One of Michael’s favourite ships, the “Humber Guardian” outward from an upriver buoy move 5/09/1988.
Sold, converted to a cruise ship and renamed “Tropic Sun” in 1994. Extant thus LR 1998/9 but deleted by LR 2004/5.

The Turkish vessel “Inci 5” seen 01/05/1990. Outbound from Goole having just become the largest vessel ever to berth there & thus the largest vessel to pass under the Humber Bridge. Sold & renamed “Kaptan Ilyas Kalkavan” later that year, 1990. Extant thus LR 2004/5 but deleted by LR 2006/7.

The Hull built “Island Swallow” outward on 12/07/1989.
Gutted by engine room fire at Queenborough 29/3/90, declared CTL.

Polish Shipping Association’s “Kapitan M Stankiewicz” inward on.07/08/1983.
Soon sold, r/n “Simona” and in 1984 “Hrysso”. As latter arrived Zeebrugge 24/6/85 and laid up,
to scrap by Brugse Scheepssloperij N.V., work began Bruges 1/12/1985.

The Sietas built “Karin” outward on 24/04/1985.She was built in 1958 and kept this name until 1989.

Two for one! The Russian “Konstantin Korshunov” and Dutch “Daron” outward together on 29/05/1985.

The heavy load carrier “Mirabella” outward on 25/09/1987. One of the largest vessels to pass under the Humber bridge, note the main mast lowered.

The smart Danish coaster “Monsunen” seen inward on 06/12/1985, was built in 1965.

Seen inward to Goole on 30/04/1990, the heavy load carrier “New Generation” was built at Aberdeen in 1966 as “Kingsnorth Fisher” and had only recently been renamed. Sold and renamed “New Gen” in 2001. Quickly sold for scrap thus to Indian shipbreakers, Diamond Industries and was delivered at Alang, 19/12/01.

The “Nialed”, seen  here inward on 09/09/1981, was built in 1960 as the “Saint Modan”.
Sold and renamed “Monique” in 1982, “Nadir” in 1984 and “Sicom” in 1986. Deleted from LR in 1996.

The Antiguan flagged “Okapi II” inward bound on 27/07/1989. Built in 1965 as “Edelgard”, renamed
in 1989. Sold and renamed “Ayham” in 1993 (Arrived at Rotterdam, 9/3/93 for conversion to a livestock carrier). Further renamed “Nour Alrahman” in 2002 then “Al Rashideiah” in 2004.
Soon resold for scrap to Indian shipbreakers and arrived at Alang, 27/9/04.

The small pallet carrier “Paletten” seen inward on 09/09/1981.

The Greek cement carrier “Phoenician Flag” seen inward on 11/07/1989. Built in 1853, shw was sold and renamed “Cem II” in 1992 and finally sold for scrap thus to Turkish shipbreakers, Gursoy Gemi Sokum A.S., beaching at Aliaga, 12/5/99. Work began 26/5/99.

Outward from Goole on 04/05/1983, the “Pingo” served on the Goole-Finland line service.

The “Polly Pioneer” inward for Goole on 09/08/1989.

Crescent Shipping’s starch tanker “Resilience” inward bound presumably for Howdendyke on 28/10/1982.

A rare upriver visit for Coe Metcalf’s “Robert M”, inward bound on 23/04/1991.

Seacon vessels were regular on the Humber in the 1980’s. “Sea Elbe” is seen here inward on 09/09/1981.

The 1962 built “Sorocco” seen outward bound on 20/03/1991.

With a distinctive style, “Spes-I” is seen here outward bound on 29/11/1983.

Helmsing & Grimm’s smart coaster “Therese” seen here outward bound on 27/06/1986.

“Union Neptune” seen inward on 16/03/1989.

The “Vincent ” of Beck’s seen outward bound on 04/05/1983.

Now a selection of the varied vessels he had taken over the years.

The 1951 built “Atreus” of Blue Funnel Line berthed in Queen Elizabeth dock Hull on 19/02/1976.
Sold & renamed “United Valiant” in 1977 & sold thus to Taiwan ‘breakers Tung Ho Steel Enterprise Corp. & arrived Kaohsiung 23/2/79.

Ben Line’s “Bencruachan” seen arriving at King George dock, Hull on 24/05/1969.
Built in 1968, after quite a short life of just 12 years (possibly because of her steam machinery), she was sold for scrap to Taiwan shipbreakers, departing Okinawa 29/4/80 and arrived at Kaohsiung prior to 3/5/80.

Another Ben boat, the “Benstac” also seen arriving at King George dock, Hull on 28/06/1969.
Sold and renamed “John P” in 1982. Later lost thus, 17/4/85 when she sank after an explosion due to water entering her engine room while on passage Buenos Aires/Lobito.

The Alianca owned “Botafogo” arriving at King George dock, Hull on 17/04/1982.
Sold and renamed “Forum Hope”in 1983. Finally sold for scrap thus to Chinese shipbreakers during 2/1986.

Clan Line’s “Clan Alpine” seen departing King George dock, Hull on 10/07/1979.
Finally sold for scrap as “Pacific Amber” to Taiwan ‘breakers, arrived Kaohsiung 2/5/84 from Singapore Roads where she’d been laid up since 11/12/82.

Seen arriving at King George dock, Hull on 24/07/1968, P&O’s 1951 built “Comorin” was renamed
“Pando Cove” in 1968 and eventually sold for scrap thus 22/3/72 to Spanish shipbreakers, Ferrobuques for demolition at Bilbao.

Two views of the 1966 built “Eka Daya Samudera”, above arriving at King George dock, Hull on 15/05/1980 and sailing from King George dock, Hull on 28/08/1981.
She was sold for scrap to Taiwan shipbreakers, Tai Yuan Steel & Iron Co., arriving at Kaohsiung, 31/3/1984.

The Egyptian Navigation Company’s “El Mansoura” arriving at King George dock, Hull on 30/05/1982.
Sold for scrap to Egyptian shipbreakers at Alexandria and delivered previous to 31/1/99. She was laid up with surveys overdue 10/1997.

Seen departing Immingham dock on 13/05/1988, the “Heliopolis Sky” was sold for scrap thus to Indian shipbreakers and arrived at Mumbai (Bombay), 29/3/02.

Hapag Lloyd had a regular service from Hull to the Far East – here “Holsatia” is seen departing Hull on 14/04/1980. She was reflagged to Singapore and finally sold for scrap to Taiwan shipbreakers, Kuo Dar Steel Enterprise Co., Ltd. and arrived at Kaohsiung, 22/5/87. Work began there 5/6/87.

The Greek flagged “Iason” arriving at King George dock, Hull on 04/04/1980.
1 of 8 sisters (believe the 3rd to complete after “Iktinos” & “Finix”). Sold & renamed “Xingji” (or “Xin Ji”) in 1985. Reported as being sold for scrap thus in 1998.

Alianca’s SD14 “Monte Alto” departs King George dock, Hull on 04/08/1982.

The Greek flagged “Ocean” arriving at King George dock Hull on 13/11/1979, just after renaming.She was the last ship built for her first owners, Halcyon Lijn. As “Oceania” dep Bedi, India 1/84, arrived Augusta 24/2/84.She was arrested 3/84.  Later reported sold, to be renamed “Monte Spineto” but idle since 1984 and as “Oceania” arrived Aliaga in tow from Italy 6/4/95.

“Orcoma” arriving at King George dock Hull 20/06/1970.
Sold and renamed “Eka Daya Samudera” in 1979. Finally sold for scrap thus to
Taiwan shipbreakers, Tai Yuan Steel & Iron Co., arriving at Kaohsiung 31/3/1984.

MSC’s “Pantera” arriving at King George dock Hull 28/08/1982.
Built by Bremer Vulkan in 1956 as “Bischofstein”, she kept that name until 1977.
Eventually sold for scrap to Pakistan shipbreakers and arrived at Gadani Beach 19/3/83.

Seen departing King George dock Hull on 07/06/1982, the “Patroclus” was the last of the 8 Priam class
vessels to serve the Ocean Group. She was herself sold and renamed “Rajab 1” later in 1982 then “Sahar” in 1984. Soon sold for scrap to Pakistan breakers, she arrived at Gadani Beach 26/11/84.

The Ethiopian Shipping Lines “Ras Dedgen” arriving at King George dock Hull on 18/04/1982.
Built in 1961 as “Ferngate”, she was renamed “Barbergate” in 1973 and “Ras Dedgen” in 1975.

MSC’s Kherson built “Rosa S” departing King George dock Hull on 05/06/1982.
1 of 13 “Al Kadisiah” class originally built for Kuwait Shipping Co., she was finally sold for scrap to Indian shipbreakers and arrived at Alang, 21/9/92.

Houlders reefer “Royston Grange” arriving at King George dock Hull on 20/10/1968.
Wrecked by fire after collision with tanker “Tien Chee” (1955/Li) in River Plate 11/5/72 killing all 75 persons aboard. Fires raged for some 3 days and the gutted hulk was not berthed Montevideo until 27/5/72. Finally towed away for scrap and delivered at Barcelona 20/5/74.

MSC’s “Sandra S.” arriving at King George dock Hull on 01/08/1981.
Built as “Buntenstein” in 1960, she was renamed in 1980.
Finally sold for scrap through Eckhardt Marine G.m.b.H. to Interways Ltd., and arrived at Chittagong, Bangladesh, 11/9/84.

Saudi Europe Line’s “Saudi Jeddah” arriving at King George dock Hull on 04/08/1982.
Built as “Madisson LLoyd” in 1960, renamed “Nedlloyd Madisson” in 1977and “Saudi Jeddah in 1982.
Finally sold to Chinese shipbreakers and arrived at Huangpu, 28/7/84.

The Portugese “Sofala” departing King George dock Hull on 12/08/1981.

P&O’s SD14 “Strathdirk” arriving at King George dock Hull on 31/07/1981.
Built at Austin & Pickersgill Ltd., Sunderland in 1976,  she was sold and renamed “Bartolome Maso” later in 1981, “Olebratt” in 1988,  “Gaea” in 1997 and “Dawn” in 1997. Finally sold for scrap thus to Turkish shjipbreakers and arrived at Aliaga, 23/5/02.

The 1960 built “Yogyakarta” arriving at King George dock Hull on 04/09/1981.with bow tug “Masterman”.
Eventually sold for scrap to Chinese shipbreakers and left Hong Kong, in tow, 1/5/84, arriving at Huangpu 1/6/84.


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