2017 – Highlights

A look back at some of my favourite photos and notable vessels of the year.

The SYMPHONY STAR sailing from Alexandra dock 19th January, having brought in wind turbine components.

More wind turbine towers arriving for Alexandra dock on the ROTRA MARE 12th March.

17th March and a birthday weekend away to the Tyne. Venturing up the coast via Middlesbrough, Hartlepool and Seaham before getting to our hotel at South Shields.

At Middlesbrough, the TUXEDO ROYALE shows a sorry sight as she lays sunken at her berth awaiting the breakers torch.

My first visit to Hartlepool, the offshore support vessel SEVEN KESTREL.

Another new port, Seaham. Looking over the fence at ARKLOW FALCON, with the Tees anchorage in the distance.

On the Tyne bulk terminal, a long distance view of the Polish owned POLESIE.

Taken from the hotel room window, KING SEAWAYS heads out for Ijmuiden.

Also from the window, in the failing light and with rain falling, the SVITZER TYNE heading for an inward vessel…

..which turned out to be the car carrier CITY OF ROTTERDAM.

The view now facing more seaward, as the PRINCESS SEAWAYS arrives 18th March, from the hotel window out of the rain.

The weather faired up in time for the arrival of the Sietas built MAIKE D.

An early arrival on 19th March, the car carrier CITY OF ROME.

Making a fine sight, the KING SEAWAYS inwards from Ijmuiden also on the 19th March.

A quick turnaraound and MAIKE D seen outwards for sea 19th March..

Always looking smart, first inward on 26th March the H&S BRAVERY bound for Gunness.

The veteran cement carrier VASTANVIK passing outward bound 15th April.

The Hull built EEMS DELTA passing Chowder Ness inward 22nd April for Flixborough.

Regular visitor, FAST JULIA passing Chowder Ness inward for Goole on 13th May.

Outward from Goole the THARSIS on her regular run to the Rhine.

Dressed overall, the SERVICEMAN is seen here off Hull marina

16th July and inward for Goole, the FAST JULIA.

BUCCOO REEF pulling away from Saltend 29th July for sea.

The gas tanker YARA KARA passing in for Saltend.

Inward for King George dock 30th July, the VECTIS HARRIER with a distinctive bow design.

On the 30th July the ROTRA VENTE passes Paull inward to Alexandra dock with wind turbine components.

EEMSLIFT DAFNE sailing fro Alexandra dock on the 5th August.

SEA INSTALLER passing King George dock for Alexandra jetty.

WHITCHALLENGER, fresh from dry dock was outward bound from Albert dock but turned round to head back to Riverside quay.

On 6th August ELISABETH sails from King George dock for Zeebrugge, chartered to P&O.

SEA CHALLENGER passes King George dock outward with four wind turbines onboard.

CORNELIA sails from King George dock for Turkey with a cargo of scrap metal.

EEMSLIFT NADINE passes Paull inward on 13th August with wind turbine parts for Alexandra dock.

Arriving at King George dock on 27th August the EGBERT WAGENBORG is designed for carrying project cargo.

The latest addition to the SMS fleet, the SUPERMAN arriving for Alexandra dock from the builders in Turkey on 8th September.

A short while later, the veteran tug KINGSTON passes inward for Albert dock.

Then the WELSHMAN, fresh from drydock, passes out rolling her way to Immingham.

Aberdeen – 22nd September, early arrival of the HROSSEY.

Catching the first light of the sunrise, GRAMPIAN TALISKER arrives.

She was followed a short while later by the FS BRAEMAR…

..which was closely followed by ESVAGT CASSIOPEIA.

The freight ro/ro HILDASAY next to arrive, with several vessels in the anchorage.

First sailing, the ESVAGT CELINA.

The FAR SPICA catches the sun nicely as she arrives late morning.

The large AHTS PACIFIC DISPATCH arriving late afternoon.

23rd September – HELLIAR arriving at first light.

Following closely, the NORMAND FORTUNE.

The X-bow design NAO POWER arriving from the anchorage.

Berthed in port, the SEVEN KESTREL.

Early afternoon and the PACIFIC DUCHESS arrives at Aberdeen.

NS IONA bowling in mid-afternoon.

GRAMPIAN DEFENDER starts to roll as she sails late afternoon.

HJALTLAND heading out on her evening sailing.

HOPETOUN testing her fire fighting gear off South Queensferry on 30th September.

PATANI seen outward from Grangemouth, taken between the bridges.

SYMPHONY SPIRIT passes Paull outward from Alexandra dock on 28th December.

Seen arriving at Oban in heavy rain on 31st December, the live fish carrier RONJA SUPPORTER.

RONJA SKYE had cleared the pier to allow RONJA SUPPORTER to berth.


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