2018 – Highlights

A look back at some of my favourite photos and notable vessels of the year.

ANGERMANLAND arriving at King George dock 30th January, on her final visit. A few weeks later she was in the Far East having been sold.

ENGLISHMAN returning to Immingham from Hull on a blustery 24th February.

ELLEN ESSBERGER pulling off Saltend jetty for Antwerp a short while later.

NEPTUNE DYNAMIS arriving on P&O charter on 25th February. She made an unusual stern approach on the flood tide due to poor visibility forward.

FINNCARRIER arriving on her weekly schedule a short while later/

SVITZER SUN heading for the stern of KING SEAWAYS on 17th March, as the ‘beast from the East’ storm closed the port to all but the ferry.

FORTH heading for the bow of KING SEAWAYS. KING SEAWAYS inward just as the horizontal snow starts again.

LITTLE SHIFTA passes Swinefleet for Goole in the still waters of the Ouse on the 8th April.

The Sietas built AMANDA passes Swinefleet also for Goole.

Arriving for Albert dock on 29th April, the OCEAN ENDEAVOUR is the former RMAS SALMASTER.

The Turkish tug SIRAPINAR II arriving for Albert dock 18th May from her builders, to be renamed PULLMAN for SMS.

An old favourite, the VIC 32 outward on the Clyde 20th May, seen from Dumbarton Castle.

Two Yorkshire built ferries seen at Oban 21st May – Selby built HEBRIDEAN ISLES arrving and LOCH STRIVEN sailing.

At the South Gare, River Tees on 10th June the pilot launch SALTHOLME made a fine sight heading out at speed.

She was heading for the inward bound A2B COMFORT.

Just upriver, she passed her sister and fleetmate A2B SPIRIT outward bound.

The inward bound gas tanker GAS GALAXY.

As the sun was moving round to be straight down the river, the last movement for a few hours was the STENA CARRIER, outward on P&O charter.

I headed to Whitgift on the way home, I arrived just as THARSIS was passing.

Next in after a short wait was the FRISIAN RIVER.

Final vessel was the RMS GOOLE.

Aberdeen, 3rd July. First movement, the inward bound NORMAND FLIPPER.

Next inward, the DELFI is working in the new Nigg bay harbour project. She is the former Rotterdam harbour tug SMIT IERLAND.

GRAMPIAN CONQUEST, the heat haze getting to be a problem.

BIBBY TOPAZ berthed at Pocra quay.

Moving berths in the harbour, HAVILA BORG.

Returning back to the river, this time on the North side at Pocra – first outward was the ferry HJALTLAND.

SEA SHEPHERD, the local pilot launch inward.

NORMAND AURORA next inward.

She was followed in by the OLYMPIC ARES – a multi role vessel.

An early start on the 4th July – SEA SPIDER berthed at Torry quay.

GRAMPIAN DEFIANCE arriving and berthing at Point Law.

A quiet spell so time to move back to Torry Battery, next inward was the research vessel FRANKLIN.

06:20 and the HROSSEY was the next inward.

SKANDI FEISTEIN, with a creative paint scheme around the bow.

X-Bow type VOS PACE next inward after a break in movements of two hours.

EDDA FERD was next in after another break of two and a half hours, having been sat off for quite a while.

ESVAGT CASSIOPEIA was next in, a repeat from last year.

KL BARENTSFJORD was the next arrival, I was too busy taking the photos to spot the dolphins under the bow.

SOLWAY FISHER sailing for Immingham, probably to load another cargo for North East Scotland.

CARRICKFERGUS, a former Tees Towing tug, running stern first.

Next inward was the Scottish Fishery patrol vessel JURA.

Having been on the expected list as due 10:00, the ITAMI arrived in the bay and anchored. Her arrival time kept being put back, hour by hour. Finally she arrived just before 18:00.

KITTIWAKE working the stern of ITAMI.

5th July – inward was the German BUGSIER 9, catching one of the few spells of sunshine on this grey, breezy morning.

The Hybrid powered VIKING PRINCESS was the next arrival.

An unusual profile on the GRAMPIAN SOVEREIGN, the next inward vessel.

The fishery research vessel ACC MOSBY was the next to arrive, a former stern trawler.

ESVAGT DON was the next to arrive.

Last one to arrive, just before our 10:00 deadline was the MAERSK LANCER.

The Sietas built BF CARTAGENA outward for Ghent on 22nd July.

The cruise ship MARCO POLO departs for Harwich on 27th July.

STRAITVIEW, very early on the tide as she was ex King George dock, inward for Goole on 1st September.

Inward for King George dock with biomass, the bulker SOLINA.

Hull’s newest trawler, the KIRKELLA inward to King George dock for her maiden arrival.

An early start to the Humber bridge on 29th September, especially for the cement carrier VASTANVIK inward for Goole.

I decided to head to Swinefleet as the weather was good, I arrived just in time to get a quick, snatched bow shot of ANITA passing.

Finally, another hour later the VASTANVIK passed inward for Goole.

TIAN LU arriving for Alexandra dock jetty on 30th September with wind turbine components.

SVITZER CASTLE returning to Immingham.

TZARAVITZ having just berthed at North Gap, King George dock on 6th October, seen from the Zeebrugge ferry.

PRIDE OF ROTTERDAM catching the setting sun.

Off the Belgian coast on 7th October, the MSC ORNELLA heads east towards the Scheldte.

OPAL LEADER heading out of Zeebrugge.

In the evening, back on board the ferry, SMIT TIGER returns to the tug base at Zeebrugge.

The small bunkering tanker PRESTO just moored up at Zeebrugge.

The stone laying vessel SIMON STEVIN at Alexandra dock jetty laying pads on the 10th November.

The NAUTILUS seen on the 25th November was the former TOISA CONQUEROR.

Another consignment of towers from Vietnam inward on the 16th December on board PACIFIC WINTER.

Arriving off Alexandra dock early on 28th December, the EDT HERCULES.


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